The Evergreen Kitchen is a group of beautiful people from the community volunteering to chop, cut, cook, bake all sorts of food for our ‘with love, Evergreen’ initiatives and fundraising.

A community initiative spreading kindness through small gifts, kind gestures and genuine conversations to the homeless, refugees, nursing homes, hospitals, police stations, fire stations and even on random streets/the city centre!

Keeping the environment and our community clean is our responsibility. We encourage street cleanups, garden clubs and wholesome eating.

Together Evergreen works toward bringing people together to foster social harmony, cohesion and connectedness. We are a warm and welcoming space that encourages the importance of helping each other in whatever way we can. Need help/advice – Evergreen is here for you.

Our chance is a youth led social action initiative that empowers and gives the youth the platform to serve their local community, developing them into future leaders and helping them create movement for positive social change.