The pursuit of academic excellence is a defining feature in our ethos.

The Academy is a high-performing Islamic education system, taught by trained teachers, serving the Muslim community.

The education is based on a comprehensive Islamic curriculum that is universal in its teachings, sensitive to its modern context and taught in a loving, creative manner.

The Academy also accommodates and caters for a wide range of special educational needs including moderate learning difficulties, ADHD,
Dyslexia and Autism.

An expert and exceptionally attentive educational-pastoral system is provided, supporting the personal, social and academic development
of each pupil.

Our Method


A close relationship between teachers, pupils and parents is encouraged in order to ensure that strengths are built upon and needs for individual development addressed. Training and support for parents is provided so they are able to assist in their child’s Islamic education.


Evergreen Children’s Academy, overall, ensures students are fully equipped with tools they need to live as observant Muslims in the modern world, acutely aware of their communal responsibilities and proud of their religious heritage.

Subjects we teach


Reciting Quran with tajweed is an important part of a child’s Islamic education. Students are taught both a theoretical and practical basis to ensure that they have an in depth understanding of how to recite the Quran.

 Arabic Language

The Arabic language is a vast and beautiful language. Students at Evergreen Children’s Academy are taught vocabulary and grammar points from beginners level so that they can appreciate the language of the Quran.

Islamic Etiquettes

Alongside the formal education at Evergreen Children’s Academy, the importance of good manners and etiquette is a vital part of your child’s Islamic education which we strive to ensure is taught and implemented.

Daily Duas

Students are taught to memorise important daily duas. As they progress to Level 4 and 5, the students are able to recite these daily duas in Arabic and translation.


The biography of Prophet Muhammad salalAllahu alaihi wasallam is taught to children from Level 1 onwards and learn stories of the other prophets and the sahaba.


The children at Evergreen Children’s Academy are taught the rules and regulations pertaining to wudu, prayer, fasting and other elements in a Muslim’s daily lives.

Academy Enrolment

Information for parents and carers about enrolling their child in Evergreen Academy


Thank you for choosing the Evergreen Academy. Admission is open throughout the year providing we have available space in the classes. At Evergreen Academy we provide a place for your child to learn and grow and we strive to create learners who will develop to their fullest potential.


To enquire about enrolling your child into the academy, please fill out all details in the adjacent form. Please complete the registration form in full and provide all relevant information as outlined. If you may need help with the application please contact us here.

Please list any special need requirements